Why I Love the Holidays

My favorite time of the year is finally here. This is a time when traditions and memories are made and life just seems  to be about right. There are many things that make the holidays special for me. Here are just a few:


I love getting together with all my family members. Spending quality time as a family is something that we don’t get to do very often. We always seem to be busy with other things. During this time, everyone just seems to slow down and enjoy the moment a little bit more than usual. When I hosted my first holiday party last year I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Seeing my family sitting at the same table and enjoying dinner made me forget all the work I went through.


We have a lot of traditions in our family. I have been very lucky to have amazing parents, aunts and uncles who have showed us different traditions they learned as children. On Christmas Eve, we have dinner really late. Children and adults stay up until midnight to open gifts. We open our gifts one by one and show everyone what we got. It’s probably my favorite part of the day.

Christmas Day is saved for church and prayer as well as a lot of leftovers.

Feeling like a kid again:

Even at my mid 20s, whenever the Holidays come around, I get all excited about decorations, wrapping presents and going to the mall to buy gifts. I love listening to Christmas music and seeing all the houses brightened by lights. No matter how old I get, I hope to never lose that excitement in my life.

Finding good deals:

If you shop smart, you don’t have to break the bank during the holidays. I usually stick to a budget and try to find good deals online. The Good Stuff, the online magazine from Coupons.com, is a great source to use. They can help you find budget-friendly gifts, hostess gifts that will make you seem like the best guest ever and gifts for enthusiasts. It is definitely a great way to  help you find the best gifts for everyone on your list!

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