When In Rome – Part 2

My husband and I go to mass every Sunday. Since we were in Rome and it was Sunday, what a better experience than to attend mass in the Vatican!

We knew mass would start at 10:30am so we quickly got up and got ready. We left at 8:30am and took a cab to make sure we would get there in time.

We arrived there and looked for the closest entrance. There were hundreds upon hundreds of people there already. ON A BIG STRAIGHT LINE. We had to wait. We waited over two hours. By the time we did get there, mass was half way over and blocked off so that no one else could go in. We were bummed.

We used that time to look at St. Peters Basilica. The details were outstanding. They allowed photos. I think I took over 200. I felt like I needed to take photos of every single thing. I didn’t want to forget.20150531-DSC_0135

We then noticed a small group beginning to form. The mass was nearly over and they were waiting to see if the Pope was there. He wasn’t. Instead we saw about a dozen cardinals. It was still a beautiful experience.

The doors to go see the Vatican Papal Tombs opened. I had no idea this was even here. One by one we went in. There was no turning back. We were told that we could only walk forward. So we did.

There it was. The famous St. Peter’s Tomb on so many others. Popes from centuries ago. We carefully read their biographies and tried to move on. There were others waiting behind to come in. No pictures allowed.

The third stop in the Basilica was to climb the Cupola. We climbed 551 steps. They charged us a total of $5 euros each. It was $7 euros to take the elevator, but what’s the fun in that?

The stairs kept getting smaller and smaller, they didn’t seem to end. We took as many pictures as we could and video as well. We ran up as fast as we could so we could miss the crowd and be able to take pictures together. We regretted soon after. We were exhausted. Once we got to the top it all changed. The view was magnificent. You could still see the thousands of people still waiting in line. It was now 2PM.


After it all, we were starving. We hardly ate breakfast and we had probably burned hundreds of calories after climbing all those stairs! We found a pizza place and we ate. They sold it by the pound. I din’t care about all the calories. We had a four mile back to get to the hotel and refresh.

By the time we got to the hotel it was closer to 6PM. We stopped here and there to buy souvenirs for our family. I had to make sure to buy rosaries for about a dozen family members.

The rest of the evening we explored some more. We went to places we had already seen, but wanted to see again. We felt like we covered pretty much everything in the two full days we were there.

We had to be back up by 3AM to catch our flight.

Next up, Malaga, Spain. Beaches, Sangria and relaxation were waiting for us! Let’s do it!

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