When In Rome – Part 1

We were a bit sadden to leave Venice. We felt like we could spend another day. We had our train tickets purchased and it was time to carry on to our next destination Rome.

I knew I’ve always wanted to visit. Being raised Catholic, I’ve heard about this city since I was a little girl. I’m not going to lie, I did imagine the Pope peeking out of his window and waving his hands at us. Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

Let’s start with the beginning. When we arrived to Rome, we had forgotten to withdraw money out of the ATM machine. I think we had a total of $5 euros. We had one small problem. I had not saved the name of our hotel and did not know where it was. We needed to find Wifi, an ATM and then head back to the train station so that we could make it to the center of the city. We decided to just head out and walk. We saw one of those Coffee shops were you pay for Internet by the minute. Gmail was giving me crap and was confused on where I was. It wouldn’t let me log in. Eventually I answered a series of questions and I opened my email to see that our hotel had sent us an email asking us if we had made it safely. How kind! I had booked our room the night before, and for them to had done that, was pretty good.

While I was doing that, my husband was on a search for an ATM. I quickly printed out the directions to get to our hotel.20150530-DSC_0564

Once we got there, we were very happy to have someone who knew English. He gave us a map and told all of all the places we needed to visit. We made a point to see almost all of them by the end of the weekend. We were there both Saturday and Sunday.

We got ready and it was time to explore. Rome has tons and tons of places to see. If you really wanted to, you could probably spend an entire month seeing different things. Walking to the Colosseo from our hotel, we saw main attractions such as, the Santa Maria Maggiore, la Plazza della Republica and much much more.




We stopped at Altare della Patria. We took tons of pictures. They also had the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This reminded us of our trip to Greece. I managed to snap a photo with the soldiers waiting to take over guard. Poor guys. After I did that, a line started forming up.





We went inside. We where lucky that the entrance happened to be free that day. We did have to pay $7 euros to go to the top. It was so worth it. We had a view of the entire city. We quickly pointed at everything we were going to see.


After a couple of hours of exploring a 30 minute walk, we finally made it to the Colosseo. The lines were unsurprisingly huge. We waited another 30 minutes. There were thousands of people inside. It felt like I was in a movie or something. I mean I’ve seen this place on TV, it almost seemed surreal. We sneaked into a couple of tourist groups to find out some of the history behind it (we were to cheap to pay). It all seemed so interesting.



Our fee covered other attractions. We were able to walk around the Palatino where we also saw el Arco di Constantino & el Arco di Tito. The whole thing took another two hours. By the time we got out, they were getting ready to close.





It was getting late and I was getting hungry. We stopped at a little pizzeria where we encountered some Americans. They were there for their daughter’s 21st birthday. pff. For my 21st birthday I got a month paid off insurance! Which was AWESOME! We sat on the same table and we all talked about our trip. I’m not going to lie. It was a bit nice to be able to have full conversations. After a few minutes they turned to each other and started talking about the pool party they were going to have as a second celebration for their daughter. Time to go.

Our hotel guy had told us they it was a must to go see the sunset at the P.zza Navona. We walked as fast as we could. Time was ticking. When we finally got there we saw that we had to climb what seemed like 1000 steps (it was more like 50). After walking all day, our feet were tired. We don’t come to Rome every weekend so we made the sacrifice. I’m glad we did. The sun was fading away behind Vatican City. Our destination the next day.



After watching the sunset our next stop was going to be The Spanish Steps. Before then we wanted to stop at the famous Fontana Di Trevi. Sadly it was under construction (seemed like everything was). I manage to take a few pictures.


When we arrived at The Spanish Steps I was exhausted. I had some gellatto and sat next to hundreds of strangers.



By now, it was close to midnight. We grabbed a drink on the way to our hotel and got lost for about an hour or so. It was time to rest and get ready for the next exciting day.


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