Vacation Outfit Idea

I’m heading on vacation soon and I can’t wait! Don’t want to give out a lot of details until I get back but trust me, you will read it, see it and hear all about it!

Anytime I go anywhere, I struggle finding clothes to pack. Anyone else? I hate saying it, but my closet never seems to have enough clothes when I’m packing. Or when I’m packing, I think I have all this cute clothes and then I get to my destination and hate everything I packed. I usually end up going shopping.

Before I go, I am definitely heading over to Forever 21. Look at all the cute things I found! Probably won’t buy I ton of things, because I do want some extra money for when I’m there!

This is the perfect outfit to wear in a warm weather area (hint hint). It’s cute, chick and I can see myself wearing those braided strap sandals over and over again when I come back!

I don’t have a lot of room in my luggage, so I have to pack really light. The hat would probably not make it, but everything else seems manageable.

What do you think, yey or ney?

Vacation Outfit

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