There’s Beauty Everywhere You Go

As Labor Day weekend approached, my husband and I (well more I) looked into where we could go. I checked Google Flights every day to see if there would be any good deals.

Eventually, we stopped the planning and decided to stay in. Saving the money was nice and with my husband’s schedule, who knew if he would get called to work.

I was a bit bummed out about not going anywhere, but we had a whole weekend to ourselves! So we decided to plan things close to us.

On Friday, we headed to the NOTO Arts District to enjoy First Friday. We hadn’t been there this year, so we thought it would be nice to go check it out. I was amazed to see how many people showed up. The shops were open, there was music everywhere, and some shops even had wine tasting! Yes. I walked out with a bottle of wine.

NOTO Topeka


Saturday the day was crazy. I had forgotten that I had signed up for a photography workshop in Kansas City. So early in the morning, I rolled out of bed, cared less about what I was wearing and off I went. The drive is usually less than an hour. However, there was a CAR ACCIDENT and I ended up being stuck half a mile away to where I was supposed to be for 45 MINUTES!! I was close to an hour late to the workshop. Luckily, everyone was super nice and gave me a one on one lesson.

The afternoon was planned with friends. We all headed back to Kansas City to shoot some golf at Top Golf. The plan seemed so perfect. Top Golf, dinner and then Up Down. It wasn’t until we realized that we had a two-hour wait at Top Golf before we could even play! Ugh, waiting was everywhere! We deiced to go eat dinner first, since well, what else where we going to do? We came back and we still had to wait another half hour. Eventually we got our turn and started to shoot. REALITY. I suck. I cannot play golf to save my life! It was an embarrassment and the frustration showed. I would show you a picture of how horrible I looked but its way to embarrassing.

We did end up having a great time! The hour and a half we were there flew! Up Down was also a lot of fun. The only complain I have, is that they close way too early. I thought the Missouri side didn’t close until 3:0 AM. They were kicking everyone out by 1:15 AM. They even turned off the machines with no warning!

On Sunday the only thing I could think of was Sunflowers. Every year during this time, there is this 40-acre farm that grows sunflowers. Grinter Farms allows everyone to go and enjoy their beautiful field. It is beyond a mazing. If you haven’t been yet, I recommend it for next year! Even if you aren’t so into flowers, I promise you won’t regret going!

Grinter Farms

Monday, I had to work. I also had to write a seven-page paper that was due! After I finished the day wasn’t over, so, my husband and I decided to adventure! Again, our weekend was themed, in things we haven’t done in a while or things we’ve never seen or done. So we drove away and found this place in Dover, Kansas, just 15 minutes west of Topeka, called Echo Cliff. We took our cute picnic basket and filled it with QDoba. Don’t judge me. I had to work! It was beautiful. We want to go back this weekend. Next time, we’ll take mosquito repellant and running shoes.


Kansas Adventure

What I learned from this weekend is that you don’t need to go too far to have a good time. Explore your city, or other cities around you. There’s beauty everywhere you look!

What are some unusual places you’ve visited near you that you’ve never known about?

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