The Many Uses of Lime

A lime should be considered a person’s best friend. Why? Because it does wonders. Not only does it give the perfect flavor to your favorite vegetable soup or helps ease that tequila shot you just took, it can also provide assistance with the following issues:


Want clear smooth skin? With just 1/4 of a lime and two table spoons of honey,¬†you can have clear skin in just a matter of days. I use this solution once or twice a week, depending how unlazy I’m feeling. I leave it on for about ten minutes. I rinse my face with cold water because hot water helps your skin age. Stay away from it, if possible. Once I rinse, I immediately feel like my skin has rejuvenated. It does wonders!

Have a sore throat?

Lime and honey come into play again. Mix a full lime and about three table spoons of honey and drink it. You will immediately feel comfort in your throat. Do this three times a day and it should help you feel better in no time!


I hate to admit it but, I’m not a very good at drinking water. I’m not sure how a survive because, I don’t drink soda either. Whenever I do feel like being healthy and staying hydrated, especially during running season, I just add some lime juice into my water. It also helps detox your body, so I’m killing two birds with one stone!

Hair spray

OK. you might be a bit weirded out by this, but what can I say, my mother was a bigger hippie than I am. Instead of using hairspray on my hair, she would use lime juice to keep all the baby hairs from popping out of my perfectly combed pony tail. Just squeeze some lime juice into your hands and put it into your hair. Trust me, your hair will not move for hours!

These are jut a few ways I incorporate lime juice into my lifestyle. Most often is to ease a tequila shot, but other times is to stay healthy in a very economical way!