Temporary Tattoos Are Not A Thing Of The Past

Does anyone else remember begging their parents for a couple of quarters to buy temporary tattoos out of the vending machine? I remember sporting a couple “cholo” tattoos that totally made me look like a badass. Of course, my parents would probably think in the back of their minds, “I hope my kid never gets anything like this!”

Well, I eventually did. One day my now husband, then fiancee, convinced me to get my first tattoo. It was a hot summer day and we were bored and I thought, why not. So we did. Now, we both have matching tattoos, that read “Mi Vida Loca” on our rib cage. I had NO idea it was even gang affiliated. It had and still has a different meaning to me. lol Now, this is a secret between you and I. Until this day, I don’t think my dad knows I have it. So please don’t go de chismoso(a)!

Anyways, temporary tattoos are definitely parent-approved and I was super excited when I started seeing them last summer, I purchased some immediately! They give the perfect “pop” to your outfit.

My favorite ones are Mr. Kate’s BeautyMarks. She personally designed each and every one of them. They usually last anywhere from three to five days. Whenever I need to remove them, I usually just rub them off with some olive oil.

Check out this article for more fun temporary tattoos by other artists!

Have you used any temporary tattoos? Which ones are your favorite?


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