Styling Patterned Pants Two Different Ways

Love patterned pants? So do I!

A few years ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead waring patterned pants. I didn’t think they were ugly or anything like that, I just didn’t think I could pull them off! Well, I immediately changed my mind after I actually went and tried some on. Now there’s three or four hanging in my closet.

I always get nervous when it comes to pairing them with the right shirt and shoes, since they are usually so busy with the pattern. I’ve found out that the key to rocking a pair of crazy pants is to keep it simple! Solid colors will nicely complement the boldness of your pants.

Wearing them to the office

I dressed them up by simply wearing some high heels and adding a black blazer to make it look more “professional” for the office. The blazer gives the outfit a sharp look. Although I avoid waring heels to the office because they give me back pain after waring them all day, I decided that they helped put the outfit look more put together.




Coffee or wine Date with my girlfriends

When I’m out with my besties, anything goes. Fake tattoos, crazy flower headbands, whatever I feel like wearing that day. If I had a busy day at work, the last thing I want to wear are high heels and a blazer! I would probably pair the same pants with this jean jacket, which I’ve had for centuries and some comfy sandals. Ready, set and let’s go have a glass of wine!



Which ever way you decide to wear patterned pants, BE CONFIDENT. Trust me, everyone appreciates a good sense of style. And if they don’t, oh well!

Want to see more ways to style patterned pants? Head over to my guest blogger’s page, Fatima with On The Streets, to see how she wears her patterned pants at the office and a night out with friends.

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