PINspiration – Remoding My Master Bedroom

It’s been almost three years since we bought our house. We haven’t done any major changes other than some exterior remodeling we had to do after we had hail damage. To tell you the truth, the only reason we did that it was because our insurance covered most of it.

This spring, my goal is to do something with my master bedroom. As of right now its just so bleh. We have a bed and sadly, that’s it. I’ve been looking at Pinterest for some inspiration and it looks like I’m gearing more towards gray tones. I’m still trying to convince my husband about replacing the fan we have in our room to a chandelier. He thinks chandeliers are pointless. What he doesn’t seem to understand is how much prettier the room is going to look if we add one to it!

Just take a the picture below! Isn’t it amazing?



I’m in love with that mirror! I’m determined to get something similar for my room! Garage sales are coming up, maybe I’ll get lucky and find one.


Gray and yellow have always been two of my favorite colors (my wedding was gray and yellow. : ) ). Those two just pair up so good together! I wish my room could someday look half as nice as this one does.


Check out the shelves! This is such a creative and cheap way to organize your things. Since my budget is pretty limited, I can see myself doing something like this. Maybe even in my office?

43b2e0acdb849908030f74ec9de29778I am way too embarrassed to show you any pictures of my room right now. I will keep you posted on any updates I may have and if you have any ideas send them my way!

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