Our Last Stop. Ireland.

We finally made it to our final destination. Ireland. It was gloomy and cloudy. A lot different than the past two days we had experienced in Spain. As soon as we got out of the airport we took the bus that would take us straight into the city. And hopefully just a few blocks from our hotel.

After a 20 minute walk we arrived at our hotel. Since it was still too early for check in, we dropped our bags to go of and explore. We were excited. A friend had told me that I must go visit the Guinness Storehouse. The grownup version of Disney. It is Ireland’s most visited attraction.


What we thought it would take a couple of hours, it ended up taking us a lot longer. The whole thing is seven floors, which reflect a giant pint glass. Throughout each floor there is interactive activities, which are definitely entertaining.

We made our stop to one of their restaurants. The food was a lot better than I expected. A lady even ended giving us six drink tickets. We all got one drink ticket with our entry. What were we going to do? I won’t go into any details, but after a couple of those suckers, the rest of the tour became even better!


We tasted different flavors of beer. As well graduated from the Guinness Academy! Yup. I now know hot to pour the perfect pint of Guinness! Who knows when that talent will come in handy.


And then came the final stop. The Gravity Bar. We were able to see the whole city from there. We were also able to spend the rest of our tickets.


Let me tell you, by the time we were out of there, all I wanted was a shower and about 30 minutes to refresh. We ended up taking a cab back to the hotel. Our cab driver was super nice! He even gave us a tour of part of the city.

The rest of the day we spent walking. We went quickly saw St. Patrick’s Cathedral, but I knew I wanted to come back and see it again from the inside in the morning.

We decided to hit a couple of pubs. We were ready to keep the party going, but everything closed at 11:30 PM. So to our hotel it was.

The next morning we got up bright and early. It was warmer and sunny. Perfect to take pictures. We head straight to St. Patricks Cathedral. I am so glad we did. We patiently waited for it to open and we were almost the first ones there. Minutes later it began to fill with tourist. They had free guides to show you around. You had to wait a few minutes to get to someone.


Our tour guide was phenomenal. The story behind that cathedral was beyond words. It seemed like each corner was a different story. The Irish have so much pride in their culture, which I loved! Reminded me so much about the pride we have for the Mexican culture.


When we left we were hungry. We grabbed a quick snack to get some energy to keep touring around as well as get some energy for our flight back home.

My husband really wanted to go to the Old Jameson Distillery. We weren’t far from were we where, so of we went again. The distillery had a different vibe than the Guinness Storehouse, but it was still enjoyable. We actually got to do the Jameson Taste Experience. I was done after my first sip. My husband however took it like a champ.



I wish I could remember more. By this time I was already typing my journal on our way home from Chicago. We ran back to get our stuff because we were late to the airport. Reminded me of our experience in Morocco. But this time, I really wouldn’t have minded if the plane had left us. It would mean we would spend another day of adventures.


So. Where should I go next?

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