Oh Hey London!

We waited in Dublin for about an hour before we had to catch our next flight to London. We had a pretty packed schedule because somewhere in between we had to catch another flight to Rabat, Morocco.

We arrived in Dublin at 4:40 AM. It took us about 30 minutes to go through customs again since we were entering another country.

We arrived in London at about 8 AM. We had no bags to check out so we just hurried to see where we could catch the next train to Central London.

We bought a day pass so that we were able to use it to get to the airport. Which by the way, we had to get to a different one.

It took about 45 minutes to get to our destination. The view was beautiful. Everything was so green and pretty. Not gloomy and gray like I had imagined. The weather was also perfect.

We arrived into a beautiful train station. We hung around there for a while because I wanted to take pictures. We stopped at a little coffee shop to get something to eat. I needed as much energy as I could get. By now we had been non stop for three days!


Then we took off to explore. A mistake in my part was that we didn’t do enough research. I knew I wanted to go Stonehenge but I later learned that it was too far and we didn’t have enough time.

Luckily, we encountered some locals that assisted us with some guidance. We walked about five miles. We took pictures of everything that looked pretty. We talked to people about what they liked and we also made it to some cool attractions.

In hopes to get some WiFi we went into the London Library. It is huge! We kinda sat down and enjoyed the architecture and all the different things they had displayed.


We then headed to the British Museum. There were tons of tourist there. The inside was also beautiful. The outside of the building reminded me of our trip to Greece. It had large columns just like some of the buildings there. They had several exhibitions going on.We bought a couple of souvenirs and stepped outside to again enjoy the moment.



Before we knew it it was 3 PM and it was time to head back. Since we had walked several miles and I was on heels, we took a taxi back.

We arrived at another train station and it was again, breathtaking. We snapped some photos and off we went.
Time for our next adventure. Morocco, here we come!



More pictures of London








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