My Ravishing Experience

“You don’t have to be a model or a corporate eagle to soar. At Ravish, we work with all types of people, from all types of backgrounds. We are all the same and deserve to feel just as good as everyone else- so why shouldn’t I let Ravish make me feel beautiful?” – Briattany Jo’Rae, Ravish Beauty¬†Photographer
I saw a post of Facebook saying something along these lines, “like this post or comment for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate for a photo shoot.” Since I never win anything I said, “heck, maybe today it’ll be my lucky day.” Surprisingly it was.
To be honest, I almost turned down the gift certificate. I get so lost in my own insecurities that I was scared else would be able it through the pictures.
The day finally came. What was my first impression? The team was so confident on what they were doing that I forgot I even had insecurities. I was able to experience with my own eyes what an amazing project Brittany and the whole team at Ravish Beauty are doing.
First, I had Jenny Buchman, lead hairstylist & asst. makeup artist as well as Jennifer Murdock, asst. hairstylist do my hair. Then, Emily Waggoner, lead makeup artist, came in with a huge bag of makeup (every girl’s dream). The result? AMAZING.
Mykesha Douglas is also a veteran hairstylist at Ravish Beauty. I’ve seen her work and there’s no doubt that she is one talented young woman, along with the rest of the team.
I wasn’t allowed to look into a mirror until they were all finished. They did everything I had told them to do and it was even better than I had ever expected! The make up was perfect as well as the hair.
Picture Time!
Brittany rocked the entire photo shoot. She made me feel truly confident and unafraid to open up. The whole time I trusted her. Didn’t question anything she told me to do. I knew that at the end of the day the final product was going to be incredible.
Brittany has been photographing for 10 years. Her focus is to make people feel beautiful. “As a kid, I had some confidence issues but my mother helped me to grow from them. I just want to share her wisdom with the world in the best way I know how- my art. When people come to Ravish, we don’t just do their hair, put makeup on them and take pretty pictures,” said Brittany. “We try to make them over from the inside out. What we aim for, is for that person to look at their photos and constantly be reminded how they feel about who they are. Being beautiful is one thing, feeling beautiful is an entirely more important element.”
Brittany says that she loves when clients come back and thank her for making them feel beautiful. “I have no words. That feeling that I get is incomparable. It is my greatest blessing,” she says.
The Ravish Beauty Team is staying busy with several projects. They just wrapped up an amazing photo shoot with Miss Kansas, Charity Stowers. Soon they will also work with different artists in Kansas City.
If you have an opportunity to take part of the Ravish experience, you should! It is definitely something I’ll never forget and will recommend to anyone.
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