Marathon, marathon runner

Literally. No Pain, No Gain.

I make decisions without thinking. If its something I really want to do, I do it. I don’t let anything stop me. About two months ago, I decided I was going to run my third marathon. I had been doing long distance running throughout the summer and I felt like I could be ready in the next few weeks.

So I signed up for the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon. Then I got bitten by a dog. Two days passed and off I went to run again. I had a marathon to train for and not very much time to waste. Until I realized my wound wasn’t closing and my leg hurt every time I ran. So when it was time for my check up, my doctor told me I needed to give it a couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks is a lot in the world of running. Two weeks puts you back two months. At least in MY little world it does.

Eventually I started running again. A week before the big race I rolled my ankle. At that point I felt like the universe was telling me not to do it. But, I told myself, I would do everything that was in my power to make it to the race on October 15. So I iced every chance I had. I walked only what was necessary.

At this point I did not care about my time. The only thing I cared about was crossing the finish line.

Race day finally came. That morning I woke up and I was nervous. I worried that I wasn’t going to make it before the six-hour timeline. I worried that I was going to have to call my husband to pick me up at mile eight.

I got dressed and made sure everything was perfect. My shoes laces were not going to get loose, my hair was not going to get in the way, my GU packs were carefully stacked in my fanny pack, nothing that I could control was going to stop me from crossing that finish line.

As I am standing there with pace group 4:20, I wondered at what point I was going to fall behind. I wondered if I was going to be able to keep up. I looked at my husband as he smiled with pride and off I went.

The moment I crossed the Start Line I forgot everything. My mind became more powerful than my body and I went with it. We passed mile three. Only 23.2 mile to go. Mile 6, only 20.2 miles to go. On and on we went. We pushed each other by cheering and following each other’s pace. I was feeling good. No pain, no exhaustion. It was a high I didn’t want to come down of.

Essentially by mile 21 we all kind of went our separate ways. Some fell back, some got the energy to go faster. I was happy for the ones ahead of me, and I was cheering for the ones behind me. We were all so close to the finish line!

I saw mile 26. It felt real. I’ve done this twice before and every time it feels the same. That excitement of crossing that finish line. I went as fast as I could. I ran and ran. It had been 4 hours and 24 minutes since I had seen my husband. I was ready to see him again.

4:26:01 minutes later there he was. I cried and I’m crying right now. That feeling, is so unexplainable, but so beautiful.

Less than two months of training, a dog bite an injured ankle, I did it. And I’m so happy I did.

Thank you to all the Waddell & Reed Marathon volunteers who did such a great job on Saturday. I also couldn’t have done it without my pace group. We pushed each other until the very end.

2013: 4:19
April 2017: 3:??







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