Let The Adventures Begin

Our first day began when we took the train (Amtrak) to Chicago to catch our plane to Dublin the next day. The train was supposed to arrive at 5:15 am to make it to Chicago at 3:30pm. It seemed like enough time to go out and I explore the city. I got an email that the train had been delayed by an hour. I didn’t think nothing much of it other we would still arrive with enough time.

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We left around 6:20am. I hadn’t slept much so I decided to take a short nap. The seats were extremely comfortable with enough leg room. I woke up three hours later to find out that we hadn’t made it to Lawrence yet (that’s only about 20 minutes from my house). I didn’t really know what to think. I later found out that since it was raining, something had blocked the rail road and were working on fixing it.

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I decided to not stress it out and enjoy the moment. My hubby and I hadn’t gotten much sleep so we snuggled while we waited. The train had a restaurant and happy drinks. Every so often I would send my husband to get me something.
The ride went pretty smooth afterwards. We arrived at Chicago at 8:30PM. The time was not going to stop me from getting some delicious Chicago style pizza. We checked to see where our hotel was and it was a 45 minute train ride!!!! When I searched for it I made sure it was close from downtown. I guess that’s what I get for booking in the middle of the night. Again, I didn’t let it bother me. We put our backpacks in lockers and decided to explore the city.

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It was beautiful. We lived here only 15 years ago. It still looked as big as I remembered it when I was a little girl.
I was starving. This was the perfect opportunity to get some pizza. We stopped at the first one we saw open. Thankfully, this one seemed like a pretty popular one. It was packed. We were quickly seated. The pizza did not disappoint. I ordered half veggie for me and the other half with meaty stuff for my husband.

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After about a couple of hours in the city we decided that it was time to head to our hotel. We bought our tickets and off we went. When we finally made it to our stop, there was nothing. No cars, no sign of human life anywhere. The fact that it was midnight might have something to do with it. We found that the hotel was two miles away. Since there were no cars we took off walking. The only thing I can say is that, that was an awesome workout! I think that was the fastest I have ever walked. I was scared, but my husband didn’t know that. Aaand I was carrying 30 pounds of weight!

We arrived to our beautiful hotel and the only thing I wanted was to take a shower, sleep and get ready for another day.


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