Let Me Have A Taste of That Whiskey!

I am usually always planning things to do for the weekend. I try to keep things interesting by staying busy, seeing new places, hanging out with family or my least favorite thing to do, cleaning the house.

This past weekend we had nothing. I was pretty disappointed because from now until May, I’m going to be working pretty much every other weekend.

Luckily, I got an invitation from The Eldridge in Lawrence, Kansas, to see if I would be interested in attending a Whiskey Pop-Up Event. This was a small preview of their Whiskey Dinner on March 24!

We arrived shortly after 4:30 pm on Sunday. A group of about 20 people was already waiting for us. We grabbed a drink at the bar and headed to do a tour of the historic hotel. It was my first time there. I was impressed. The whole place has so much elegance.  I pictured what it would have been to have stayed in one of those rooms back in the 1800s. (More about their history on their website) 


One of my favorite parts during the tour was visiting room 506, where it’s rumored that a ghost lives. During our time there, we did not hear or feel anything. I don’t think I would dare to spend the night there alone! The plus side of staying in that room is that you will have a marvelous view!



A few of us headed to the basement to hear more haunted stories.

After that, it was time for some whiskey!

I have to say, I’m not a huge whiskey drinker. I usually have to mix it with something. However, I had to get the full experience. They had two different options, Jesse James and the 1776 whiskey. I opted for the 1776. I slowly drank it. Eventually, my husband had to finish it for me. He was thrilled.


We also got some delicious appetizers!


For a weekend with no plans, this turned out to be a pretty successful weekend! We met new people and tried something new. I will definitely be stoping by again very soon! Maybe even stay in room 506…

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