Japan, Here We Come!

A promise I told myself almost 10 years ago, was to live life and love those who are closest to me to like there’s no tomorrow. I know it sounds very cliché, but we hear it so often and act on it so rarely.

Which is why, I’ve taken it upon myself to not get sucked into an ordinary life and LIVE.

My latest adventure was less than two weeks ago. We traveled for over 13 hours to a different side of the world I’ve never been before. Japan. My husband didn’t know it at the time but I was scared. I had been so busy getting into a masters program and working extra hours at work that I had zero time to learn about the culture and memorize a few words here and there. I had booked all of our hotels, but that was the only thing I had managed to do. So there I was 13 hours later, not seeing a word in English anywhere.

Our first destination in Japan was Tokyo, the biggest city in the world. We arrived to our hotel at a decent time. I was starving and so was my husband so we headed to see what we could find.

To our not surprising surprise, the whole menu was in Japanese. We had no ideas what we were going to order. My husband can eat pretty much everything, but I’m a vegetarian, so the struggle was real. Thankfully, I did find a photo that had a salad in it, so that’s what I ordered. We stayed there pretty much until they closed. We had two more days in Japan and wanted to go get some rest because we knew the days ahead were going to be long.

It was 3am and I was wide awake. I could not sleep. I checked in with work because there was nothing else I could do at 3am. I realized we were 14 hours ahead. My brain was not liking the change.

I didn’t fall as sleep again. We got up at 7am to shower and get ready to tour the city. The train from the hotel we stayed was less than a minute walk, so it was perfect!20160503-DSC_0010

Our first stop in Tokyo was the Sensoji Temple. It was unreal. There were thousands upon thousands of people visiting the temple. Sensoji is a buddhist temple located in Asakusa. It’s also one of Japan’s oldest temples. We were there probably for a couple of hours. From the hundreds of shops there was to see, we stopped at a few to get souvenirs. We only ended up getting a couple of things because we still had 10 days of traveling and we didn’t want to carry so much.





From the Sensoji Temple we went to Ueno Park. We were hoping to see the famous cherry blossoms but, we had missed them by a month. We did encounter a peony flower festival, which was a lot of fun, although not my husband’s favorite. We probably ended up taking about 100 pictures of different color flowers. All I kept thinking was about my grandmas back in Mexico and how they would love to see the beautiful flowers. In the park, there are a few temples. We went to the Keneji and Kiyomizu Kannon Temples.









By this time we were hungry, so we stopped at a restaurant to eat and grab a glass of wine. What did I eat? Salad. My husband ate some fancy fish. Not really sure what it was.

It was only about 5 pm. We had been out for about eight hours and were debating if we should go to the hotel and take a 30 minute break. However, we were out on a mission to see as many things possible. We ended up taking the train to Shibuya. We wanted to walk through the famous Shibuya Crossing. We crossed it a couple of times just to get the perfect picture. This was not managed. Although, the turnout wasn’t so bad. You can’t go to Japan and not cross the famous Shibuya Crossing, it gives to the actual feeling of “OK, I’m really in Tokyo right now. Holy Shit!” If you want to do some shopping while you are there, you are at the right place! Hundreds of retail stores, arcades, casinos and bars are in the area. We were pretty occupied for about three hours.




Then, my brother tagged us on a Facebook photo of a place that we should go visit. The place is called Akihabara Electric Town. I have to admit, I was one of those kids who were obsessed with Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon and others! I also grew up with two brothers. When I lived in Mexico, anime was and still is very popular in Mexico, so we grew up watching it. Anywhoooooo, it was pretty cool. We went to an anime store We did end up getting some souvenirs from there as well.




By this time, it was late. And we had been out for 15 hours. The plan was to go change and then go find a karaoke bar close to our hotel, but as soon as we got to the tiniest hotel room ever, we laid down and couldn’t get back up. Besides, the next day was going to be another busy day. We were going to spend half a day in Tokyo, then travel to see Mount Fuji, where we were going to spend the next day and a half.


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