Holy Shit it’s 2016!

Ok. So we are a month into 2016 and I’m barely writing this post. I should have written back in December! But to my defense, I haven’t really had a moment to think about this year.

Now I’m sitting down and holy crap! My 10 year High School Reunion is coming up! Where did the time go?!

Looking back, 2015 was really good for me. I got to travel. A lot. I went to 17 different cities! And this year is already looking like it’s going to be huge on traveling as well.

So far in January, I went to Nashville (post on that later this week). And this month, I’m heading to Mexico! Mexico was the result of working late and slowly typing “Google Flights” into my browser and FINDING THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY! Yeah I’ll tell you more about it later.


As you read on my Hopes for 2015, I’m not big in resolutions, but I am big in goals. I believe that I should never pause my life for anything. Unless I’m paralyzed from my neck down or something.  I try to always aim for something, wether is running a big race, or starting a new project. Below are my 2014 goals from 2014. Some I completed in 2015 and some I’ve added notes to for 2016.

2014 Goals

  • Qualify for the 2015 Boston Marathon. (Still working on this!)
  • Travel once again to Europe. This time my husband and I will travel to Germany, Switzerland and Italy. IT WILL HAPPEN It did happen! Just click “Travel” on my categories and read all about it. Didn’t go to Germany or Switzerland, but I did go to Morocco, England, Ireland, Italy & Spain! This year I want to go somewhere in Asia or South America. 
  • Enroll to get my masters.
  • Write more. Adding this as a goal again this year! – Write More
  • Really focus on my career goals. I’m always scared of change, but change is good, which I tend to forget (hey, we can’t always be perfect, right?). I have a few things in mind, and I’ve had them for a while, just have to develop them.  Change is AMAZING! I was so scared of change it was ridunkculou! But I defeated that fear and 2015 was was so good to my professional life. 
  • Help the children in Monte Escobedo (the town were my parents are from). It’s been in the works for about six months and I’m excited to see it happen! This is something that I should never cross off. Not sure why I crossed it off last year, but helping others will always be a goal of mine. 

So you know what? Strike or unstrike the list above. If things get done, they get done and if they don’t, they don’t. If some extra fun things happen in my life this year like they did last year. AWESOME. But if they don’t. It won’t be the end of the world.

So to wrap it up.

Want to do something crazy for 2016? If it’s something that you think will make a positive impact in your life, do it. And if it turns out it was the worst decision you’ve ever made and you begin to wonder, “gosh darn it, why the hell did I take MariChuy’s advice so serious? This really sucks.” I’m sorry. Well not really, because guess what? You got to experience something you never thought you could, even if it sucked, and you’ll never wonder the “what if.”

So go out and live your life. It’s too short not to.

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