Hello World!

I finally did it! I have my own blog!  Now what? I guess I should start by introducing myself.

I was born in San Bernardino, Cal. I’m a daughter of two amazing people (no duh!). Both were born in Mexico and came to this country for a better life. I’ve also lived in Chicago, and Zacatecas, Mexico.

Eventually we made our way into Kansas. I still have a hard time thinking why and how we ended up here, but I’ve gotten used to it and its a place to call home.

I am happily married to an amazing person who I met while he was stationed in Fort Riley.  We have a cute little dog, whose name is Hercules. I also love to run, travel, shop, lay around and do nothing, read, diy, etc. etc…

So, why blog?

A lot of people have asked me, why are you blogging? For me, it’s a way to put together all the creative and crazy aspects of my life, and eventually learn something from them. I plan to cover everything and anything, such as fashion, DIYs, testimonials, marketing and anything I can think of along the way.

If you have any suggestions about stuff I should write about, send them my way!



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