Hello There Spain

Spain is one of my favorite countries. I had the opportunity to study in Santiago De Compostela while I was in college. It was only five weeks, but five years later, I still remember it vividly.

We arrive to Malaga around 3 PM.

I realize that again, we had booked our hotel about 30 minutes away from the city of Malaga. We were now in Costa Del Sol, Spain. I dealt with it. We had only paid about $24 a night for the hotel, so I thought it was for a pretty good deal.

Not to our surprise. We got lost. No map, no Wi-Fi. This pattern was really familiar. We learned to embrace it and enjoyed the moment. We stopped in random corners of the city we wouldn’t have encountered anyways.

After days of being in the move, seeing one attraction after another, all we wanted to do was relax. The beach was right in frot of our hotel. For $24, we had gotten an amazing deal. It even had a kitchen!


We ran to get our swimsuits on and off we went. We became the biggest beach bums for the rest of the day. Around 8:30pm we got back to the hotel to get change and try to find something to eat. We had been wanting doner kebabs our whole trip, but we hadn’t encountered any restaurants that had them in England, Morocco or Italy.

Our prayers had been answered. There it was. A whole in the wall, but there it was. We each bought want and went back to the beach. The day couldn’t have been any more perfect. The walk by the beach and relaxing town, it was everything we had been looking for and more.


However, I still wanted to go to Malaga. I knew this would cut away from our relaxing time, but since we already had it in mind, that was something that we both wanted to do.


The next morning we got up really early again to go back to the beach. Three hours in, we decided that we had to do it. We had to spend the extra money and book a hotel in Malaga. So we did it. We booked our hotel right then and there. Went to pick up our stuff, checked out and off we went.

The weather was beyond hot. I decided to not take a cab. Which ended up being the worst decision ever! But we did it. Forty five minutes later, we were at the train station.

When we finally arrived to Malaga, we held no regrets. This city was beautiful. We went to Pablo Picasso’s Museum and his house. It seemed like such an honor. I had admired his art for years. To be in his home town, in the house he lived in, was phenomenal.

We walked around a lot. We got lucky because we arrived exactly during happy hour. Which meant we had to drink as much cerveza for an euro as we could. By we, I mean my husband. I stuck with sangria and mojitos during my entire stay.



We walked the city. So romantic and beautiful. After four years since my last stay in Spain, it felt good to be back. The day came and went. The next morning, it was time for another airport and another city.

We were now off to Dublin. Our last stop.


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