DIY Halloween Costumes

1385786_899467069209_1732129673_nWhen I was younger, my parents never bought me any of those fancy costumes other kids would wear. I was normally the one kids asked, “what are you?” and I would reply, “I’m scary.” Don’t feel sorry for me, I was a happy child. I never really thought our costumes were any less awesome than the other kids.

This year, I decided I’m not going to buy a costume. I’m going to save myself some money and come up with something more creative other than a cheap looking expensive costume. And you know what the best part of this is? That I can be comfortable with clothes straight out of my closet! I’ve been looking at several face painting ideas and the ones below caught my attention. Not exactly sure what I’m going for yet, so it will be a surprise for everyone on that day.

If you are looking for a super easy DIY Halloween makeup tutorial, you should check Mr. Kate’s DIWhyNot: Stylish Skeleton Makeup. I tried to see how easy it would be, and it only took about 20 minutes. The results are awesome! I definitely looked a “cool” kind of scary. I’m sure the people passing by my house seeing us taking pictures were definitely creeped out, either by how scary I looked or by us taking pictures. ha!


 Should I go as?

A cute Scarecrow?


 A mouse, duh?


 A lion?


Or a ventriloquist?


I did try to convince my husband to go as a camel toe, because honestly, I think that’s hilarious. But he refuses to be the toe and I don’t think I’ll make a very cute one. Maybe that’s an idea for someone else? lol What about you? Are you dressing up this Halloween?


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