A Sweet Taste of Home

So even though I wasn’t born in Mexico and I only lived there for four years, I still consider it my “home.” When I was younger, my mother would take us every summer and I enjoyed every single moment. I have many great childhood memories, but I can honestly say some of the best ones are from Mexico.

Recently my dad shared with me some tunas. NO, not:



This kind of tunas or prickly pears!



Oh they were so delicious! The taste almost took me home. It brought so many memories. Like when “el tunero” (the guy who sold prickly pears) would come to our house every Saturday morning and my mom would tell him to give us as many as we wanted. We ate like we’ve never eaten them before. I remember one time between my two brothers and I ate 50 prickly pears. Yes, 50! And no, we didn’t get constipated. People say that when you eat too many you get constipated, but we didn’t, or at least I didn’t. Not sure about my brothers. : ) I love you!

Another good memory is going to el rancho to visit my grandparents and seeing my grandpa cutting them off the cactus for us. Those were the days.

If you’ve never heard of tunas, don’t worry, a lot of people haven’t either.  They are pretty much the fruit that comes from the cactus. We don’t have them here in Kansas, but thanks to some local vendors, we get them every so often! When they are first cut, they need to be handled with care, they have glochids and getting those in your hands is the worst. However, the ones we get here are already clean and most of the times you don’t have to worry about it.

How can I describe the taste?

They are very juicy, sweet and they have a lot of seeds. Don’t try taking the seeds away because that will take forever!

If you’ve never eaten a prickly pear but would like to eat one and don’t know how to peel it, check out this video I put together!

Please ignore the messy hair! : )

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