A Pair of Shoes I’m Proud to Wear

I’m not an ordinary kinda girl. I hate ordinary things, which is why Bucketfeet, an artist-designed online footwear store, was perfect for me!

I first heard about Bucketfeet through Mr. Kate, an inspiring and talented blogger you should check out.

Bucketfeet began in 2011 with one simple mission, make canvas shoes created by artist from all over the world to help give them exposure.

Because behind each pair of shoes there’s a different artist, each pair has it’s own story. After you receive your order, you get a card with information about the artist and their inspiration behind it.


The artist behind my shoes is Alejandro Nuñez Ferrara, from Monterrey, Mexico. As you can see from the card I received, he was inspired by many things.

As soon as I saw my pair, I fell in love. You can tell because I can’t get them off my feet! I wear them every chance I get.

The shoes are not just artistic, amazing and eye-catching, they are COMFORTABLE! Because I don’t know about you, but I don’t care how pretty something is, if it’s not comfortable, I’m not wearing it.


They have shoes for both men and women in every size. Their prices range from $29.00 (on sale) to $68.00 (regular price). The best part is that, they offer free shipping and returns.

The shoes are conversation starters for sure! I can’t stop talking about them. I think I managed to tell everyone at work about the brand. What can I say, I love to share!

I just can’t wait to purchase my next pair!

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