A New Beginning

The Art of Transition

Since my last blog, I’ve traveled to Czech, Germany, Iceland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Indonesia, Canada, Cuba, and Mexico multiple times.

I’ve visited New York City, hiked down the Grand Canyon and camped at the famous Havasu Falls. Hiked my first 14ner mountain in Colorado (Pikes Peak) and visited several of Mexico’s well-known cities.

It’s been quite an adventure. I should say that two years after my trip to Paris, I listened to my inner self and sold my house, quit my job, and moved cross-country to Bellevue, Washington, a “small” city just eight miles east of Seattle.

The hardest thing about this transition is how much I miss my dad, my beautiful niece Taylor, and my goddaughters Fatima and Jimena.

These past six months, I’ve surrounded myself with people that I love. I’ve kept my failures and successes to myself and this group of people. Being so far away from them has been my motivation to keep pushing to achieve my goals.

I moved to Washington because, quite frankly, I was tired of not seeing many opportunities in my career. After four years at the same job, there was zero chance for a promotion, and several companies I had applied for did not even give me a chance. When my husband got a job in Bellevue, we decided this was our time to move forward.

I am grateful for all the opportunities I received in Kansas and thankful at both companies I worked for after college.

So many great people came and went from my life, and I am lucky to have met each and every single one of them.

Six months later, I’ve started a new job. I am so excited about this new beginning I’ve been so looking forward to for so long.

The world is a little different these last two months. I had initially written this back in February. Originally had written about my traveling plans for the future. We were hoping to visit Europe once again and go for a hiking adventure in Spain then finish our last couple of days walking through the streets of Porto, Portugal. So much uncertainty right now that honestly, traveling is the last thing on my mind.

When this is over, I will visit my family in Kansas. Go to our favorite restaurants and have the best of times.

Time will tell what will happen after. For now, I am loving my new job and I’m taking each day at a time.