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5 Reasons I Love To Travel

Let’s be real. If it was up to me, I would travel for a living. It can be done. People do it and make money traveling. However, I’m too much of a wimp, and well, I travel whenever I can. I collaborated with On The Streets With Fati and we both came up with 5 reasons why we love to travel.

Here are my top 5:

1. Planning
Planning a trip can take weeks, sometimes months. It starts with saving. Depending on how much money we save, will determine where we go. I start by entering random dates to Google Flights, departing from various cities around the country. You can check my process here: Google Flights

2. The Excitement of having something to look forward to
Having something to look forward to doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to take a trip out of the country. Sometimes, it could mean going to Kansas City for a date or doing a weekend getaway. It’s easy to stay monotone as a couple, especially after being together for 10 years! However, planning any kind of trip helps keep things interesting every once in a while.

3. Boarding the plane
OK, so this may not be everyone’s favorite, but I love airports. Especially when it’s time to board the plane. Those minutes of standing in line or hearing the click of the seatbelt, makes it feel so much real.

4. Getting lost
Anytime I go anywhere, I feel like I get to see more of the city when we get lost. You go through streets or alleys you would have never encountered if you would have actually gone the right way. The action of getting lost essentially becomes the funny story that you share with your friends when you get home.

5. Realizing where you are at
This reason is a bit weird too. The first time I really thought about it was last year while we were in Busan, South Korea. I pictured a map and I pin dropped ourselves in it. It felt so unreal. We were so far away from home, at a place I never once thought I would be. Yet, here we were. It was a really good feeling.

I can honestly give you 100 more reasons why I love to travel. hehe

Head over to On The Streets With Fati to see hers!

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